This year's Back to School Night will occur on September 19th


Back to School Night Schedule

6:00 pm: Gym Doors Open

6:05 pm-6:35 pm: Rotation 1

6:40 pm-7:00 pm: Rotation 2



At the beginning of the first rotation, classroom teachers will play a brief video from administration and the PTO. There will be two rotations this evening.  At the conclusion of rotation 1, families that have more than 1 student may go to their second student’s homeroom.  If a family has 1 student, after the conclusion of rotation 1, you may visit with the PTO in the gymnasium, or you can head home to prepare for the next day of school.  If you have more than 2 students and are unable to make it to all of their classrooms or are unable to attend the event, please reach out to your student’s teacher for information or with specific questions. 



As we know from past events, the parking lot does fill up quickly. If possible, please consider alternative modes of transportation such as carpooling, walking, biking, etc. Please also remember that this is not meant to be a whole-family event. It is suggested to attend without your students, as the information will be geared towards parents and guardians.