Why join the PTO?

Membership in the PTO not only benefits your child but your school and community as well. You'll help create a positive and caring atmosphere in our school and your membership fees provide continued annual support through each of our events!

Join the PTO  



With your membership fees and donations, we can continue to PROMOTE STUDENTS, SUPPORT TEACHERS, AND BENEFIT OUR SCHOOL! 


All students benefit from PTO sponsored programs such as:

  • School-wide Air Purifiers

  • Book Fairs

  • Teacher & Staff Appreciation

  • Fall Festival

  • Variety Show

  • After School Enrichment

  • Recess & PE Equipment

  • Agenda Books

  • Girls & Boys Events

  • Bare Books

  • Author & Artist Residencies

  • Assemblies

  • Boone’s Backyard Support

  • Wellness Programs

  • Birthday Books

  • Grounds Cleanup

  • Chessie Reading Program

  • Classroom Grants

  • Bobcat Book Club

  • PE & Recess Equipment


How Much Should I Donate?

PTO Membership is $25 per family, but at an average annual cost to the PTO of $150 per student, we have a few suggested amounts. Please click the above link to see our form for further details.


 PTO Membership Benefits


Besides the benefit of supporting our school, PTO members also receive:

  • Access to a Membership Toolkit profile & Family Directory
  • The ability to vote and make your voices heard during PTO meetings
  • PTO specific Newsletters and communication emails
  • Possible free or reduced entrance fees into PTO sponsored events.

Join the PTO