Please read below for more information on payment information and class shopping times. An information packet regarding Book Fair will also be coming home soon with your student so please keep an eye out. 


Sign up at the link below to volunteer and help students shop.  If you'd like to be present to help your students make their selections, signing up during their shopping time is a great option and allows you to simultaneously help other students as well.




Class Visit Schedule


Monday, April 29th

Tuesday, April 30th

8:20-8:40  WHITE 8:20-8:40 GRADE 5, ELA1
8:45-9:05 STANSBURY 8:45-9:05


9:10-9:30 WARD 9:10-9:30 MANGAN 
9:35-9:55 MERRILL 9:35-9:55 BURNS 
10:00-10:20 PFAUTZ 10:00-10:20 REPKO 
10:25-10:45 DEBELLIS 10:25-10:45 GRADE 5, ELA 2 
10:50-11:10 WARREN 10:50-11:10  ROSSI
1:10-1:30 ADAMS 1:10-1:30  
1:35-1:55 LEONE 1:35-1:55 GRADE 5, ELA 3 
2:00-2:20 LINTHICUM 2:00-2:20  LANGHIRT


***The remainder of the week shopping is limited to shopping during lunch/recess times Wednesday (Pre-K/K, 2nd, 4th), Thursday (1, 3, 5) and Friday will be last call for all grades.


Payment Options:

Cash, Scholastic eWallet, Check made out to "SPES PTO", Credit Card & Apple Pay

NOTE: For Pre-K - Grade 2 students, sending cash or checks in a well labeled envelope in their home to school folder is the BEST option second only to setting up an eWallet to make sure money isn't misplaced.


Click HERE to setup your student's eWallet.



There are so many reasons to support the Book Fair!

  • Book fairs give children a motivation to read by offering them a wide selection of the newest books to choose from that they can look at before they decide to buy. 
  • They give you the chance to instill joy and love of reading that lasts a lifetime. 
  • They give parents and kids an opportunity to pick out and read books together. This increases the likelihood that they will want to continue reading.
  • They help raise money for the school library and support important reading programs. 
  • They give teachers a chance to see and buy books they might want for their classroom. 
  • They give parents the opportunity to support your child’s teacher by donating books from the Classroom WishBox Program to their classroom library. 
  • They give parents the opportunity to support the school and PTO by volunteering during book fair hours.